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Program of NetcroHosting Business.

Since 2022, NetcroHosting Business supports IT professionals by offering them expertise, reliability, training, management tools and a full range of services.

Resellers, small and medium-sized businesses, but also webmasters and web agencies are just some examples of clients who have found in us a reliable partner, capable of guaranteeing the success of their business and optimal management of their clients.

With NetcroHosting Business you guarantee not only NetcroHosting's many years of experience in providing IT services, but also an efficient and cutting-edge management system, as well as the support and training necessary to pursue your business objectives.

Reseller Hosting

Why NetcroHosting Business?

Having the full range of NetcroHosting services available, from domains to trusted services such as cloud infrastructures, is only the first step to a successful partnership.

To this NetcroHosting Business adds management tools to guarantee maximum efficiency.

You will have a unique personal access at your disposal to help you manage your services 24/7.

Purchase and management of all services.

Definition of interaction roles (commercial, administrative, technical area).

Access permission management.

NetcroHosting Business goes far beyond providing support to its partners.?

NetcroHosting Business offers specialized support in the technical and commercial fields.

NetcroHosting Business dedicates a specific training program to all Partners aimed at acquiring knowledge about products and services and improving their skills.

Price and discount lists.

For maximum flexibility, NetcroHosting Business offers customized price lists, facilitated payment systems and single billing to its clients.

Furthermore, the NetcroHosting Business program gives confidence to its partners: it is based on a system of increasing discounts from 20% to 50%, linked to the achievement of certain billing thresholds, effectively doubling your success. discounts

Still wondering why to become a NetcroHosting business partner?

All the NetcroHosting experience at the service of your business.

A complete range of services.

Assistance for domain transfer and content migration.

Dedicated price lists and facilitated payments.

Bands with discounts of up to 50%.

Reliable technology (99.95% uptime guaranteed)

Certified technological infrastructure (tier 1)

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